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In 1918 Dominick DiMatteo, who had arrived in Chicago from Italy only nine years earlier, opened his own deli at 3832 W. Ohio Avenue.

Dominick’s Finer Foods started as a true neighborhood store, focused on the best Italian foods, the freshest meats and produce, and service that included interacting with customers on a first-name basis.

A second Dominick’s opened in 1934. Though it was the depths of the Depression, the original formula of personalized neighborhood service assured the store’s success. When the first supermarkets opened after WWII, the Dominick DiMatteo father-and-son management team seized the opportunity for expansion.

In 1950 their corner store concept was transformed into 14,000 square feet on W. North Ave., becoming the cornerstore of their chain and supermarkets. Today, Dominick’s Finer Food operates 99 retail units in 70 communities.

In 1996, with the introduction of Dominick’s Fresh Stores, the company initiated a new concept in grocery retailing. Customers’ shopping experiences have been enriched by this European style market which offers restaurant quality carry-out food, specialty bakeries, delis, floral shops, even in-store dining. Currently there are 60 Dominick’s Fresh Stores in operation.