Spartan Stores Inc. is an American food distributor and grocery store chain headquartered in Byron Township, Michigan. The company distributes national and Spartan brand products to over 400 independent grocery stores in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio.
Spartan’s retail operations started as independent grocery chains. However, in 1999, it bought the Family Fare, Great Day, Glen’s, Ashcraft’s, and Prevo’s supermarket chains from their respective owners. To simplify advertising, the brands were consolidated into two: Family Fare in the south and Glen’s in the north, each being the majority in its respective region.
Family Fare and Glen’s now use the same advertising package: “Closer. Faster. Friendlier. You’re in the (store name) neighborhood.”
In 2000, Spartan Stores merged with the Seaway Food Town Company whose operations included 47 Food Town Supermarkets and 26 The Pharm deep-discount drugstores. After the merger, the Food Town stores operated under their own banners, but heavy competition in areas where Food Town and The Pharm operated meant lower margins, and these stores proved to be a drag on the merged company’s resources. Between 2000 and 2003, the company closed or sold eight Food Town Supermarkets and five The Pharm drugstores. In 2003, with an unmanageable debt load, Spartan Stores announced that they were selling or closing all the 39 remaining Food Town stores and restructuring the company. Family Fare has more than 40 stores opened in Michigan in cities like Battle Creek, Grand Rapids, Cedar Springs or Holland.
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