Safeway Ad 07/01 – 07/07/2015. July 4th Specials


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Safeway Flyer 06/17 – 06/23/2015. Organic Strawberries


Current best Safeway savings valid June 17 - 23, 2015: $5 Organic Strawberries; 5/$2 Brentwood Sweet Corn; 10/$10 Large Red Mangos; 2/$6  Fresh Express or Safeway Farms Salad Blend; $2.99 Dreyer’s Premium Ice Cream or Pantry Essentials Milk; 3/$10 Crystal Geyser Water; ... [ Read More ]

Safeway Ad June 3 – 9, 2015. Motts Clamato Juice


Weekly Specials: $4.49 Motts Clamato Juice; $1.99 lb Sweet Yellow Nectarines; $1.99 General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios; $9.99 Tide Liquid Detergent; $10.99 Bounty Paper Towels 12 Big Roll; $2.99 Best Foods Mayonnaise; $2.99 Pantry Essentials Milk 1 gallon; $1.88 lb ... [ Read More ]

Safeway Weekly Ads Weekly Circular

Safeway Inc. (NYSE: SWY), an American Fortune 500 company, is the second largest supermarket chain in North America, after The Kroger Co., and has 1,678 stores located throughout the western and central United States, northwestern Mexico and western Canada as of December 2011. It also operates some stores in the Mid-Atlantic region of the Eastern Seaboard.

The company is headquartered in Pleasanton, California. Supermarket News ranked Safeway No. 4 in the 2011 “Top 75 North American Food Retailers” based on 2010 fiscal year estimated sales of $41 billion. Based on 2009 revenue, Safeway is the 11th largest retailer in the United States.

Safeway has a total of 1,501 stores in the United States and 224 stores in Canada, over 80% of which are located in western states and provinces. The greatest concentration of Safeway branches is in California, with 557 stores (including the 285 branded as Safeway), followed by Washington with 204 stores and Colorado with 141. In Canada, the greatest number of Safeway locations is in Alberta, with 96 stores and British Columbia with 75 stores.
In 2012, its Genuardi’s chain in suburban Philadelphia was dissolved through a combination of store selloffs and closures. Giant acquired 15 of the chain’s stores and had made an offer for a 16th, but the latter was instead sold to a local chain as part of an antitrust settlement. Weis also bought three Genuardi’s locations. A number of unprofitable Genuardi’s units also had closed in 2010 and 2011 as their leases expired. Earlier, Zagara’s, a small chain of upscale, gourmet supermarkets started by Genuardi’s in 1990 was also shuttered in 2000, immediately following their parent company’s acquisition by Safeway. The only Genuardi’s in the northern half of New Jersey was also closed soon after the merger with Safeway, and a location in Bensalem, Pennsylvania was sold to ShopRite in 2004. Genuardi’s in Wilmington, Delaware were converted to the Safeway name in 2004 due to legal issues stemming from a union contract signed by the management of early Safeway stores in Delaware which closed in 1982. The current Safeway locations in Delaware are served by division offices in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area, where Safeway has long been the dominant grocer; however, the majority of Safeway stores operate in the Western United States, where the chain originated. The next closest remaining Safeway-owned stores to the Baltimore-Washington division are Dominick’s stores in Illinois.

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