Weis Weekly Ad. Organic Red or White Seedless Grapes


Current best Weis savings: $2.99 lb Organic Red or White Seedless Grapes; $2.99 Kashi Cereal - 15.6 or 16.3 oz; $2.99 per pound Northwest Red Cherries; $7.99 per pound Easy Peel Raw Shrimp 21-25 ct - 2 lb; B1G1 free Selected Entenmann's Little Bites - 8.25 to 11 oz; ... [ Read More ]

Weis Ad. Choice Porterhouse or T-Bone Steaks


Weis best savings: $6.98 per pound Choice Porterhouse or T-Bone Steaks; 10/$2 Bi-Color Sweet Corn; 2/$4 Weis Quality Ice Cream - 48 oz; 3/$5 Bush's Best Baked Beans - 21 to 28 oz; $4.99 Personal Watermelon; $3.48 per pound Marinated Boneless Chicken Breast; $1.79 per ... [ Read More ]

Weis Weekly Ad. Turkey Hill All Natural Ice Cream


Latest Weis deals: $3.99 Turkey Hill All Natural Ice Cream; $1.78 per pound Red Seedless Grapes, Gala, Granny Smith or Ambrosia Apples; 40% off Perdue Boneless or Bone-In Chicken Breast, Perdue Bone-In Drumsticks or Thighs Perdue Fresh Breaded, Frozen Bagged or Short ... [ Read More ]

Weis Flyer. Strawberries, Blueberries or Blackberries


Weis weekly specials: B1G1 free Strawberries - 16 oz, Blueberries - pint or Blackberries - 5.6 oz; $1.29 per pound Smoked Ham Portions; 50% off per lb Perdue Savings Pack or Fit N' Easy Boneless Chicken Breast; $1.99 Selected Bigelow Tea - 20 ct; $1.47 Weis Quality ... [ Read More ]

Weis Weekly Ad. St. Louis Pork Spare Ribs


This week Weis flyer deals: $4.99 Gala Apples - 5 pound bag; 50% off Savings Pack Perdue Boneless & Skinless Chicken Breasts; 10/$10 mix and match Green Bell Pepper; 2/$4 Weis Quality Ice Cream; $1.99 Nature Valley Granola Bars; $2.68 per pound Seasoned Slow Cooker ... [ Read More ]

Weis Weekly Ad. Black Angus Whole Eye Round Roast


Weis sales circular: $6.99 per pound Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillets; $1.98 per pound Savings Pack Boneless Chicken Breast; B1G2 free Sara Lee Selected Bread - 20 ounce; $1.99 Weis Quality Cheese - 8 ounce; B1G1 free Red Potatoes - 5 pound bag; $1.49 per pound Fuji ... [ Read More ]

Weis Weekly Ad. 40% off All Natural Boneless Pork Chops


Current Weis savings: 40% off All Natural Boneless Pork Chops; B1G1 free Strawberries - 16 ounce; B1G1 free White Potatoes - 5 pound; $6.99 per poundJumbo Snow Crab Clusters; 5/$10 Hot or Lean Pockets; $4.99 per pound Choice Black Angus Top Round London Broil; $4.99 per ... [ Read More ]

Weis Ad Specials. Porterhouse or T-Bone Steaks


Current Weis circular savings: $6.88 per pound Porterhouse or T-Bone Steaks - Savings Pack; $7.99 per pound Haddock Fillets; 2/$7 Tuna Steaks - 5 ounce; $2.88 per pound Weis Quality Italian Sausage - Savings Pack; $4.77 Chocolate or Peanut Butter Boston Creme; 2/$5 ... [ Read More ]

Weis Weekly Sales Ad – Fresh Express Spring Mix


Latest Weis Sales Ad: B1G1 free Fresh Express Spring Mix; B1G1 free Strawberries - 16 ounce;$2.49 per pound Choice Black Angus Bottom Round London Broil; 2/$5 Bagels - BB, CR, Everything or Plain - 6 count regular or 8 count junior; $4.99 4C Tea Mix; 2/$5 Almond Dream ... [ Read More ]

Weis Circular, Weis Weekly Ad

Weis Markets, Inc. is a chain of supermarkets based in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, with a presence in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, West Virginia, and Maryland. In 2012, it operates 162 stores in five states.

Weis Markets was founded as Weis Pure Foods in 1912 in Sunbury, Pennsylvania by two brothers, Harry and Sigmund Weis. Their store has been noted as “revolutionary”, as it did not operate on credit—sales were only for cash. At the time, similar stores operated on credit, allowing customers to build a tab that would be paid periodically. Cash sales were a sign of a growing working class earning steady paychecks—and they also helped lower prices by up to 25%.

Weis faces significant competition from various food retail formats, including conventional retailers, mass merchant retailers, discount retailers, drug stores, convenience stores, and dollar stores. Weis’s chief competition comes in its traditional home base of central Pennsylvania. Giant (Carlisle), a supermarket chain owned by Ahold, began aggressive expansion during the 1990s, building newer, larger stores with vast selections. The expansion caught Weis off-guard. While Weis was able to kick into gear with an expansion project of its own, it has not yet fully recovered. Giant still remains the market leader throughout central and northeastern Pennsylvania.
Source: www.wikipedia.org.
If you are interested in knowing more about the company, its statements, products, and special offers or discounts, please visit www.weismarkets.com.
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